Pharmacy organizations have fought against the MAC pricing rules of PBMs for years, but seemingly no one has ever tried to make these prices readily useable to pharmacists. Let's change that.
In attempts to mislead the public, lobbyists answer the wrong questions. People of good faith should respond not by disputing these answers, but by…
We very nearly got conned out of $111,000 worth of drug product by what I assume was the actual mafia. I offer thoughts on how to stop this from…
They care about out of pocket costs, so PBMs are the RIGHT target in Biden's quest to reduce drug prices.
In July, I was invited to give some thoughts for a meeting of the Louisiana Independent Pharmacy Association. I would like to share those thoughts here.
You call your senator and tell them that you need a full FTC.
Today we discuss the history of the storied institution now known as the NCPA Digest.
Since the DQSA passed back in 2013, data matrices have made their way onto practically all of the pharmaceutical packages on pharmacy shelves today. How…
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