PBMs pay pharmacies a reimbursement ceiling that is below the wholesale cost of goods floor for the retail class of trade to independent pharmacies. Counterfeiting ensues. TAP deserves a medal.
NCPA 2022 is now the antitrust-nerd-pharmacist's comic-con
Someone has been submitting claims to PBMs pretending they are part of our pharmacy. We're not the only affected pharmacy. I want it to stop.
By walking through a pharmacy's physical inventory, you can tell a lot about the operator of that pharmacy.
Why does the pharmacy market treat the highest ticket items as a loss leader for the lowest ticket items?
If a health insurance executive can't figure out how deductibles work, who can? Your pharmacist.
Pharmacy organizations have fought against the MAC pricing rules of PBMs for years, but seemingly no one has ever tried to make these prices readily…
In attempts to mislead the public, lobbyists answer the wrong questions. People of good faith should respond not by disputing these answers, but by…
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